• Introduction

    A big welcome to the BAVirtual Training Department.

    This is where interested members of BAVirtual are able to further their knowledge and expertise, and so hopefully increase their enjoyment when flying on the VATSIM network.

    Our training is split up into two completely separate departments:

    1. VATSIM Pilot Ratings: Training by our dedicated team of VATSIM-qualified flying instructors for the purpose of obtaining VATSIM Pilot Ratings. At present this is available for the VATSIM P1/PPL Rating. In early 2024 we hope to introduce courses for the P2/SEIR and P3/CMEL VATSIM pilot ratings. Note that from January 1st, 2024, all final Skills Test Flight Exams are conducted by VATSIM PTD Examiners, who may not necessarily be members of BAVirtual.

    2. BAVirtual Type Ratings, Command Courses and Operational Training: This training is quite separate from  VATSIM ratings, and is conducted 'in house' within each specific fleet. If this is your interest area, then enrolment and organisation is conducted by the Chief Pilots of each fleet, and it is they whom you should contact in order to take part.

    Prior to applying for any of the training BAVirtual offers, it is advisable to read through the BAVirtual Policy document. This describes in fuller terms how the training offered fits into the structure of BAVirtual itself. The BAVirtual Policy can be found by left-clicking here.

    Whichever training you wish to undertake, the BAVirtual Learning Academy contains all the necessary information relating to the courses. Once enrolled onto a course, it is here you will find all the groundschool and flight school learning material. Some of the material is restricted to those who have been enrolled into a particular course. We have endeavoured to include as much course learning material as we can, but we would encourage all our students to read as widely as is possible from already published books and online sources such as CAA documentation etc..

    During most courses there are progress checks to ensure that the material has been understood and retained. There may also be final written exams where a minimum pass level is required to qualify.

    Good luck on your chosen course,

    John C Pettit  BAW747

    Director of Training


    27 January 2024